Born to an unremarkable family flock, Azrani met Uchak when the Pathfinder Society sent the tengu to help settle a local dispute. The situation involved a smuggler, who was stealing eggs from the flock to sell. While the party inquired more details of the adults of the flock, Uchak played with the young ones, including Azrani. Azrani had already seen death; eggs, siblings, from the next generation had been smashed in a previous scuffle with the smuggler, thus, the aura of death lingering over the tengu drew in the young pseudodragon. Intrigued and the right age to leave the nest to explore the world, Azrani asked to travel with Uchak.


Azrani acts as a grounding mechanism and the memory keeper for Uchak in her cursed state. Azrani, blessed by their goddess, has magical abilities that her fellow pseudodragons do not. She is unable to understand the metaphysics of it, but is able to travel the planes to follow Uchak, a relationship in which the pair call their "soulbond". When Uchak is reincarnated, Azrani is able to share memories and stories with Uchak, who often remembers very little of her past lives.

The cheerful little dragon spends much of her time onlooking and observing. She is quite capable of holding her own, but takes lessons from Uchak in the art of diplomacy.