First Era:

    Twenty-Seventh Century:

  • Springtide-Summertide, 2647: Indoril Lluveru Inarys takes a trip to Summerset Isles for scholarly study. There, her and her group are taken by surprise by young, aggressive male Altmers who kill the men of the group and rape and torture the women before sending the survivors back to Colovia.
    Once home again, she learns she is with child, and though extremely tainted, she keeps.
  • 2 Sun’s Dusk, 2648: Born under the Atronach sign, the new baby boy is named Thurvayn–a name ironically reflecting the mixing of the boy’s bloodlines, though he appears wholly Dunmeri.
  • 2659: Growing strong, the boy shows great promise and is extremely bright. After observing one day one of the Argonian slave boys from the family manor as he fished, Thurvayn demands that his mother allow him to be taught to fish by the young slave boy. He becomes quick friends with the patient Haj-Dei.
  • 2 Sun’s Dusk, 2666: For his coming-of-age, Thurvayn is given ownership of Haj-Dei.
  • 2670: Thurvayn’s deep studies and scholarly achievement has him acknowledged by the God-King Sotha Sil. He is given the chance to join the God-King as an apprentice.
    Before leaving for apprenticeship, he frees his good friend Haj-Dei from slavery. In packing his belongings to travel, Thurvayn finds his mother’s journal and learns of his unfortunate circumstances. Though he swears vengeance upon the man who fathered him, he does not abandon his apprenticeship.
  • Twenty-Eighth Century:

  • 2769: Exhausting his master’s knowledge of all things arcane, Thurvayn forces himself to undertake Ordinator training, preparing himself not only for servitude of his Lords as their guard, but also to carry out the vengeance that has been seething in him. He stays in Almalexia city during this time, not only learning physical combat, but also alchemy during his downtime.
  • Twenty-Ninth Century:

  • Wintertide, 2811: Upon completing his Ordinator training, Thurvayn pledges that in 20 years he will return to serve under the God-King Vivec. With his training and knowledge, he sets off for Summerset Isles.
  • 2825: After years of careful searching, Thurvayn is able to identify his father, Amimamor Sumeris. Using speechcraft, he is able to persuade the Altmer to allow him to hold a job as a guard in the Altmer’s manor.
  • 2829: With the help of the Daedra, Thurvayn sews mistrust through the manor, his father eventually allowing the mutt close and trusting the only ‘sane’ one. Thurvayn plunges a poisoned dagger into his father’s chest, allowing the poison to give the Altmer a fittingly agonizing death. He then returns to Morrowind.
  • 2840: Having been a promising Ordinator for Vivec for several years, the God-King enlists the mutt into His army against the new threat from Reman II.
  • Thirtieth Century:

  • Wintertide, 2920: After 80 devoted years of service, Thurvayn has climbed ranks to be one of the top armsman for the God-King Vivec, especially given the many times he has been injured and returned right to the front lines.
    While accompanying Vivec to peace negotiations, he learns that Mehrunes Dagon destroyed Almalexia City, the location of the pilgrimage he had not long earlier learned his mother had also gone to.
    While mourning, Thurvayn sees to the rest of the war at Vivec’s side before he can travel to Necrom and Mourn properly.

Second Era:

    First Century:

  • 2: After the war, Thurvayn is briefly contacted by his grandfather, who is dying. As Lluveru was the first-born of her siblings, but she had never married for specific reasons, the mutt was the unlikely next in line to run the Inarys manor. While flattered that his once avoidant family considered him Dunmer enough to run the manor, it was not in his blood to settle down, and he politely passed it on.
  • 15: Having joined the ranks of the God-King Vivec’s Ordinators in Vivec City, Thurvayn stumbles upon the Morag Tong headquarters within the city during duty. The Daedra Mephala speaks well of his talents, and he is accepted into the Tong. He often takes writs when the every-day of normal duty begins to bore him.
  • 92: Vivec, watching over one of His prized Ordinators, begins to see the repetitiveness of guard duty taking it’s toll on Thurvayn. Thus, He sends the mutt on a several-decade excursion across Morrowind to take census of the land.
  • Second Century:

  • 115: With the funds Thurvayn has gathered, he has a manor house built on the edge of Sailen, a small Indoril town south of Necrom. Later, when powers shift and the land his home manor sits on becomes Hlaalu land, the remaining Inarys family moves to this manor.
  • 124: Upon Thurvayn’s return with the census, the God-King Vivec bestowed the mutt with the honor of being His courier. He is tasked with taking important documents between the Tribunal.
  • Summertide, 177: Thurvayn is selected, along with several other Ordinators of equal ability, by Vivec to rid an ancestral burial outside of Molag Mar of a plague of vampires. It is not the first time the mutt has done the task, though during the fight he is critically injured, resulting in a scar that runs the span of his chest.
    Only one of the group survives the confrontation. Believing Thurvayn to be dead, his teammate leaves the mutt. Days pass and he heals, only for him to later step out in the mid-day sun. Burned severely, he retreats back into the burial, now knowing he is infected.
    After an indefinite amount of time passes, the new vampire is able to leave the burial and flees with only his ruined belongings.
  • 179: Settling in Cheydinhal, the vampire has carefully taught himself the ropes. He settles as close to the Morrowind border as he can, studying Alchemy more in depth to perhaps procure a cure.
  • Fourth Century:

  • 324: The Potentate Versidue-Shaie is assassinated by the Morag Tong.
    Through the last century, Thurvayn has done out-of-region writs for the Morag Tong to keep a sense of home in his new residency, but as the Morag Tong is shut down to everywhere but Morrowind, the vampire begins to slip into depression.
  • 354: After a major downward spiral of depression, Thurvayn locks himself in his house and refuses himself blood. When a concerned neighbor forces his way into the house, the beast is so deprived that the Daedric infection overwhelms his consciousness and later that night he is forced to dispose of a rather mangled corpse.
    The following night, the vampire’s first good night’s sleep in quite a while is interrupted by a visitor. The visitor is greeted with a dagger poised to the neck, but quickly reveals himself to be an agent of the Dark Brotherhood.
    The still-young group quickly embraces the lost vampire, and Thurvayn finds place yet again.
  • Sixth Century:

  • 532: Haj-Dei has tracked Thurvayn to his new home, and the vampire welcomes his old friend in. The Argonian has had hard times, fleeing to Cyrodiil to keep his freedom.
    Thurvayn employs Haj-Dei, the pair picking up the same relationship they had back in Morrowind. Haj-Dei keeps the house straightened up and runs errands for Thurvayn across Tamriel, most notably to Morrowind where Thurvayn cannot return.
    The Argonian does not mind his friend’s infection, instead learning how to help him best.
  • Ninth Century:

  • 830: At the formation of the Aldmeri Dominion, Thurvayn’s warrior blood begins to boil again, and he seeks the arms of the emperor’s army.
  • 852: Under the lead of General Talos, Thurvayn assists in the battle of Sancre Tor, where his loyalty and skill wins him a permanent place beside the Nord in future battles.
  • 8??: Tiber Septim comes to an Armistice with the Tribunal, who give Numidium to the Nord. Thurvayn has never revealed with truth whether he had made Talos aware of their possession of the golem.
    Those who speak to the vampire of this time and ask why he stood against the God-Kings will receive flat-toned responses of his “wish for a peaceful Tamriel.”
  • 896: Thurvayn oversees the usage of Numidium by Talos, as the vampire is aware of it’s power.

Third Era:

    First Century:

  • 2: Thurvayn is recruited as one of Talos’ first Blades. Over the next centuries, he is tasked with finding the pieces of the ruined Numidium.
  • Third Century:

  • 245: Stumbling into an Inn in the middle of the night, a desperate Thurvayn attempts to make a meal out of one of the guests. The female Dunmer successfully fights him off for several minutes until he can overpower her.
    Once he has his consciousness back, he apologizes and is introduced to the woman as Anura, a user of the Thu'um from Skyrim. She is understandably angry, but seems intrigued by the man.
    The two continue to see each other on and off over the centuries, keeping a romantic relationship for quite a while.
  • Fifth Century:

  • 417: Uriel Septim VII uses Numidium to create the Warp in the West. Though he helped to find the pieces, Thurvayn, by now, had fallen back from duties as a Blade, focusing on his enterprising business as a miracle medicine-man, and his business with the Brotherhood.
  • 421: Thurvayn, as a vampire, is invited to the Crimson Blades. Having been a Brother for so many years, he is not blinded by Greywyn Belnwyth’s speechcraft. When the traitor goes into hiding, Thurvayn makes it his goal to sniff him out. With the help of one of Greywyn’s ex-group members, he is able to lead the brotherhood to Greywyn’s hiding place, and oversees his destruction, for the good of the Brotherhood.
    Thurvayn takes a sample of Purgeblood Salts from the hideaway, believing them to be vampire ashes and nothing more.
  • Summertide, 433: Thurvayn is introduced to the alchemist Sinderion by a colleague. The vampire aids the Altmer in an uncharacteristic show of trust by providing him with several dozen samples of Nirnroot, in trade for alchemical knowledge.
  • 20, Frostfall, 433: Thurvayn unexpectedly meets the Nerevarine, a Khajiit named Violet, and her companion, a strange Dunmer who claims to be from Skyrim, named Lorek, who has traveled to Cyrodiil. Upon learning who she is, Thurvayn swears undying loyalty and invites her to take up residence with him.
  • 26, Frostfall, 433: Though aware of Thurvayn’s great hate for Altmers, Violet brings him a female Altmer she had injured while in werewolf form. Duty-bound and ordered by the Nerevarine to help the Altmer, he does so, against his better judgement.
  • 1, Sun’s Dusk, 433: The vampire begins to see a small kinship with the healing Altmer, named Medora, who also shares his birthsign. He offers his aid of knowledge to her.
  • 2, Sun’s Dusk, 433: Violet forges a dagger for Thurvayn’s birthday, inscribed with “For the Glory of Mephala.” He still cherishes the dagger.
  • 14, Sun’s Dusk, 433: The group learns of a plot concocted by Medora’s arranged-marriage husband to have her killed. Thurvayn assists her in killing him and his assistants, and lets the Altmer know that they share similar blood, where he before stubbornly refused.
  • 27, Sun’s Dusk, 433: On Medora’s birthday, the group learns that Violet accidentally infected the Altmer with lycanthropy. Thurvayn consoles her.
  • 28, Sun’s Dusk, 433: Thurvayn learns Violet is a Blade for the Morrowind branch. She was given the Amulet of Kings by the Emperor, as she was present when he was assassinated. He vows to help her find the illegitimate son.
  • 2, Evening Star, 433: Thurvayn leads the group in through the Siege of Kvatch, helpin close the Oblivion Gate that is the cause of the destruction of the city, and marks the beginning of the Oblivion Crisis.
    The group find Martin Septim and safely deliver him to Weynon Priory.
  • 17, Evening Star, 433: Thurvayn attempts to work with experimental alchemy ingredients he picked up within the Oblivion Gate. Upon ingesting Daedra Heart, he has a severe allergic reaction, causing him to vomit his blood stores and lose his head to the infection.
    After attacking the group, Haj-Dei is able to restrain him and Violet is able to force-feed him blood to get him back to normal. Haj-Dei hypothesizes that the vampire is not able to ingest items of Daedric influence that is not from Molag Bal’s plane, as the vampire’s father Daedra is the Prince of Dominance.
  • 20-21, Evening Star, 433: Thurvayn and Violet lead the group to find the Mythic Dawn Commentaries, books that will help them infiltrate the cultist group revering Mehrunes Dagon, who assassinated the Emperor.
    The while, Thurvayn is blaming himself for not seeing this coming, especially after having a personal vendetta against the Prince for the destruction of Mournhold in First Era, and the death of his mother.
  • 23, Evening Star, 433: Lorek leads the group into a spy mission into the Mythic Dawn’s headquarters, where Thurvayn and Violet manage to kill Mancar Camoran and retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
  • 24, Evening Star, 433: Thurvayn delivers the Amulet of Kings to Martin Septim, and the group escort him to the Imperial City to light the Dragon Fires. There, they find they are too late, though Martin sacrifices himself and the Amulet to banish Mehrunes Dagon back to Oblivion.

Fourth Era:

    First Century:

  • 3-4, Morning Star, 1: After a convoluted plot is revealed within the Dark Brotherhood, Violet and Thurvayn set out to find a new traitor within the Brotherhood. After finding Lucien LaChance dead, the pair fear one of the Speakers is to blame, and go to find their Listener.
    Upon coming to the Lucky Lady statue, they find that the Listener is already dead, and that the Speakers have gathered for a conference with the Night Mother. Matthieu Bellamont strikes out as the traitor, and the pair stop him, but not without casualties.
    The Night Mother does not reveal her new Listener, and the pair find they are not yet ready to be Speakers themselves, and instead decide to replace the lost Silencers.
  • 5, Morning Star, 1: Violet makes Thurvayn aware that she wishes to return to Morrowind briefly before it is destroyed. He sends Haj-Dei to watch over the Nerevarine, but laments that, as he is still infected, he will never see his home again.
  • 40: Undead forces from the floating city Umbriel march on Cheydinhal. Thurvayn buys time for the citizens to escape, battling endlessly to fight off the hoard, only in the end to flee the city himself. He returned soon after to help clean up, and continued to live there.
  • Second Century:

  • 168: While trying to hold the Empire together as one of the Blades, Thurvayn is begged by Violet to go underground with her. Though the Blades have been hunted for 18 years by the Thalmor, Thurvayn has refused to back down, and has been hunting Thalmor in the shadows.
  • 175: With the White-Gold Concordant, Thurvayn is finally persuaded to go into hiding as a Blade. While furious about the Thalmor winning, he realizes that he alone cannot take them down, and wisely backs down to fight again another day.
  • 180: With strife wild in the Dark Brotherhood, Thurvayn and Violet wisely back away from the duties and go into hiding from the group.
  • Third Century:

  • 200-201: With Cheydinhal in ruins, a once prosperous town now turned into a roadside attraction, and the rest of the Brotherhood destroyed in Cyrodiil, Thurvayn makes the decision to pack up and leave his home of 1300 years.
    The last remaining member of the Cyrodiilic Brotherhood–other than himself and Violet–moves on to Skyrim with the Night Mother. Thurvayn follows as he does not trust this Keeper.
  • Wintertide, 201: Thurvayn cannot bring himself to settle into the Dark Brotherhood of Skryim. The Tenets abandoned, no Listener present, the Brotherhood no longer feels like home. The vampire wanders aimlessly.
  • 4, Midyear, 201: While wandering, Thurvayn comes upon the Sarethi Farm, intrigued by the number of cultivated Nirnroot. He meets Avrusa Sarethi, matron of the farm. The pair speak briefly, and the vampire is sent on quest by her.
  • 6, Midyear, 201: Upon returning to Sarethi Farm, Thurvayn finds it under siege by Stormcloaks. Enraged, the vampire defends Avrusa and dispatches of the Stormcloaks. Thankful for his intervention, Avrusa invites him to stay.
  • 10, Midyear, 201: Settling into the farm, Thurvayn finds himself attached to Avrusa. Longing for belonging again, the lost vampire proposes to Avrusa, who happily agrees.
  • 12, Midyear, 201: Thurvayn learns Anura is the Dovahkiin of legend, and that the Blades are reforming to help her. He is called upon to help her infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim. He was told this by Violet, who was sent to find him by the Brotherhood’s new Listener.
  • 18, Midyear, 201: Thurvayn reveals his infection to Avrusa. Though she is obviously startled, she does not go back on her promise to marry him.
  • 22, Midyear, 201: Thurvayn and Avrusa marry.
  • 29, Frostfall, 202: Avrusa gives birth to a healthy baby boy, named Llanythe. He is born under the sign of the Tower.
  • 6, Hearthfire, 204: Avrusa gives birth to a healthy baby girl, named Midryne. She is born under the sign of the Lady.
  • 13, Morning Star, 209: Avrusa gives birth to a healthy, but rather small baby girl, named Sathavsa. She is born under the sign of the Serpent.
  • 15, Rain’s Hand, 217: Thurvayn meets with agents of the Dawnguard while on a very different mission for the Brotherhood. He offers his services to help the Dawnguard with the approaching threat of Lord Harkon, who wishes to blot out the Sun.
  • 21, Rain’s hand, 217: Thurvayn meets with Lord Harkon, who promises to give the lesser vampire control over his infection. Thurvayn accepts the Vampire Lord power, since there is no foreseeable cure in sight.

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