Werecards started out as a form containing information about a particular member of the newsgroup Alt.Horror.Werewolves, but was expanded to be used by several different Were related forums. The Werecards provide basic information about a community member such as their name, age, and various interests. The most important section however, is "Personal Therianthropy". It is this part of the Werecard that describes what a person's animal side is like, and provides a chance for that person to discuss their own view of Therianthropy.
We believe in reviving the practice as a fun nod to our past, and to act as a quick way to share information on one's alterhumanity. There is no need to credit us on your werecard, but if you wish to link back here to spread the fun, feel free!

Below are the templates that were provided back in their hey-day. Feel free to use the templates as an idea of what to include on your werecard; no need to use them whole-cloth, as everyone is an individual as is their alterhumanity, and piece-meal is far more customizable.
⚠️Templates are provided as-is for preservation of the information. Due to the sensitive nature of certain suggested entries, we recommend anyone using these templates to delete information that is related to your offline information, such as birthday and location.⚠️

AHWw Original Werecard Template

Human Name:
Were Name:
Email Address:
Shifting Ability:
Home Territory:
Dream Territory:
Physical Description, Human:
Physical Description, Were:
Human Career:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Were-movie:
Favorite Literature:
Favorite Were Literature:
Favorite Art:
Favorite Were-art:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Were Saying/Quote:
Favorite Personal Quote:
Favorite Song/Band(s):
Favorite Season:
Favorite Holidays:
Preferred Prey:
Hunting Tips:
Preferred Method of Attack:
Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast:
Feelings Toward Vampires:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:
Personal Therianthropy: (This is probably the most important part of the card. What we're after here is a few paragraphs explaining what your Therianthropy means to you, how it fits into and affects your life, your goals, etc. Tell us about your first realization of your were nature. Describe the Therianthropy myth as you see it. And so on...)

Modified Werecard by Ashen 2012 on Werelist Forums

Human Name:
Preferred Contact E-mail:
Phantom Limbs/Shifting Ability:
Birthdate or age:
Home Territory:
Dream Territory:
Description, Human:
Description, Were:
Human Career/Schooling:
General Hobbies/Interests:
Outdoor Interests:
Religious Views/Holidays you Celebrate:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Literature:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Band(s):
Favorite Season:
Favorite Holidays:
Games of Choice:
Personal Strengths:
Personal Weaknesses:
Personal Quirks & Things you do that others might find annoying:
5 - 10 year goals:
Ideal Lifestyle (farm, urban, rural, isolated, small group of people, large group of people, etc):
Daily life habits (average sleep schedule, things someone might expect to see you doing if they were to randomly stop by, etc):