Our Essays

Therian: Dispelling the Earthen Animal Myth

For years, the term "Therian" has been understood to include "earthen animals only". This essay presents historical sources that show the evolution of the term into how it's commonly misconstrued today, and how it's been used as a weapon to deny nonhumans from an identity that has always fit them.
Transcript of the panel of the same name from Othercon'22.

Swampraptor Dossier

A clinical overview of the Swampraptor--as remembered by the swampraptor deiself.
This short essay describes Daski's canon-divergent species in a format apropriate of discussing a genetically anomalous hybrid.

A Dinosaur's Journal

I have so many off-the-cuff thoughts about being a canon divergent indoraptor, my source, and my timeline's details, that I figured I should put them all in one place, somewhere accessible. Several 'entries' are taken and/or adapted from discussions on chat applications such as Discord, and as such reflects my relaxed typing style.

Others' Essays

The Dragonheart Collective’s Testimony on the KFF Phenomenon

This is their testimony on what a KFF is, what caused the group to happen, and what the history of them is with the otherkind and fictionkind communities.
They noticed a lot of people Do Not actually understand what a 'KFF' is and why the old 'kin get huffy about them, so they made this document to attempt to explain that.

Living with a “Problematic” Fictional Identity (And Where to Go from Here)

A lecture followed by questions and discussion about navigating through life with a “problematic” fictotype or as a “problematic” fictive, by Goratrix. How to find community, how to cope, what responsibilities we may or may not have, what morality means for us and where the line between choices “then” and choices “now” lies.